Pokémon Go Go Go

So long as you have been on social media in the last two years you have probably heard or seen something about Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go is a mobile game developed by Niantic (based off the famous Pokémon games by Game Freak) that launched on July 6, 2016. The game blew up in popularity immediately after launch (with up to 9.55 million players logging in daily) causing many of the game servers to crash, but people wanted more Pokémon! The game was so popular that it actually increased business for local businesses all over the world if they were close to a PokeStop or Pokémon Gym. I could write a book on the impacts this game has had on not only video games, but the economy as a whole. So why am I bringing up this game today?

Pokemon Go Logo

Although the popularity has died down drastically since the launch, the game is still being played on a daily basis by people all around the world. Pokémon Go has evolved and changed through the 2+ years that it has been out. Niantic has said that they will continue to update the game and add generations of Pokémon to give players more to do and keep the game interesting. In updates since launch, Pokémon Go now has the ability to trade, catch up to 369 Pokémon, raid for rare Pokémon, add friends, and more. The ability to add friends is what I am going to talk about today!

Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee

I recently got back into Pokémon Go because the Nintendo Switch has two games launching this November called Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee that allows you to transfer Pokémon you’ve caught in Pokémon Go to be used in the Switch game! Since I started playing again, I checked to see if some of my friends were still playing and ended up adding 10 friends who still were. I really wanted to have more friends playing as you can collect and send virtual gifts to each other with items to help catch Pokémon and I always had a bunch of gifts left over from my Pokémon hunting. And this is where things get pretty amazing.

Twitter Post

I hopped on my Twitter account and posted a picture of my friend-code with the #pokemongo and just said “Add me”. Now I really wasn’t expecting much because I have 25 followers on Twitter (I actually have more followers on this blog than I do there), but I was just hoping a few of my friends on there might have it and add me. What surprised me was the 23 people who added me from all around the world in the matter of a few hours. I was overjoyed by the response from people who (just like me) wanted to have a new friend to play Pokémon Go with. I now have new trainer friends in India, Malaysia, Russia, Japan, Wales, across the US, and more! Check out the map to see where everyone is at! I will update it with more places periodically.

US Map with marks v2

What I’m trying to get at here is how amazing some technology is and the passion for the same game can bring people together no matter how far apart we are, no matter if we don’t speak the same language, and no matter if we will ever meet in real life; we are now all trainers together out to Catch Them All.

If you too play Pokémon Go, please add me! My Friend-code is: 0481-0373-2489

“I see now that the circumstances of one’s birth are irrelevant…it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.” Mewtwo, Pokémon: The First Movie, 1999 (US)

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